Ionized water is produced using water ionizers. Ionized water can be alkaline (sometimes called catholyte, living water or reduced antioxidant water, reduced electrolyte water) or acid (also called anolyte, dead water, oxidative water), depending on which chamber of the ionizer was in the ionization . Alkaline ionized water and acidic ionized water have quite different properties and physical parameters. Which equilibrium expression represents the ionization of water?

The water ionization process is similar to the electrolysis process. The difference is the materials used, the controlled process, and the purpose in which the water is exposed to electricity. Water is ionized by passing a constant electric current through it. It is a process of water electrolysis, during which particles of water and particles of substances dissolved in it are ionized. During this process, dissolved mineral salts in water break down into alkali metal ions (Calcium, Sodium, Potassium, Magnesium …) with a positive charge and acidic residues (Chlorine, Sulfur, Phosphorus …) with a negative charge. The cathode in the process of electrolysis attracts ions with a positive charge, and the anode – ions with a negative charge. Water particles break down into hydronium and hydrogen ions, which are attracted to the resulting alkaline ions and acid residues. For this reason, positive alkali metal and hydroxide ions are concentrated in the vessel next to the cathode. In the section next to the anode, negative ions of chlorine, sulfur, phosphorus, and hydrogen ions are concentrated.

Which equilibrium expression represents the ionization of water?

If water can act as an acid or base, can a water molecule react with another water molecule, one of which acts as a base and takes the proton from the other?

Pure water conducts very weak electricity; This current occurs due to the above reaction to produce H 3 O + and OH – ions. This reaction is very preferred; the H 3 O + concentration was measured as only 1 x 10-7 M. The measurement was made at 25 ° C and will vary slightly at other temperatures.

Which equilibrium expression represents water ionization?

The expression of the equilibrium constant for this reaction, which occurs in water with the participation of ions, can be written as K = [H_3 O ^ +] [OH ^ -] / ([H_2O] ^ 2). But the concentration of undissociated water, H_2O, is much higher than the concentration of ions, which remains essentially constant. That’s why we can balance it. The resulting new equilibrium constant can be written: K_W = [H_3 O ^ +] [OH ^ -].



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