LinkedIn allows you to create online job postings to advertise open positions in your company. Jobseekers can find these employment opportunities on the LinkedIn network. In addition, the publication of job offers will be recommended to potential candidates through the Job offers function that may interest you. Can you post jobs for free on Linkedin? 

Here are the benefits of publishing a job offer on LinkedIn:

  1.  Your job post is promoted to relevant LinkedIn candidates.
  2. You can news Featured matches that are members of LinkedIn we think are good fit for your role at no additional cost.
  3. You can view and contact the candidates in the same place.
  4. You can invite candidates to read the video or written responses.
  5. You can use candidate management tools to filter, tag and share candidate information with your team.
  6. You can view analytical data and information on job results.

After posting the task becomes visible to the entire network on LinkedIn. Once candidates begin the application process, they will be directed to an email address, external website, or selected candidate tracking system. 

Note: The offer will remain open until you close it. After 6 months, the offer will close automatically. You can republish the job offer at any time after it closes. 

Posting a job offer from a company account

Job offers published on must be published from the individual member account, but may be linked to your LinkedIn page. 

Can you post jobs for free on Linkedin?

When you publish a job offer: 

  • The job offer must be published from a profile that lists your real name, not your company name. When creating a profile, you can only use your real name, not your company name or nickname.
  • When you add a company to your job offer, the offer will be directly linked to your organization’s LinkedIn page. The company logo and link to your LinkedIn page will be included in the job offer. If you don’t have a LinkedIn page, learn how to create one.
  • You can show your profile in the job offer.

Note: candidates are only visible to the member who published the job offer and chose LinkedIn’s option to recruit candidates.

The credit card you provide on the checkout page will become your default credit card and all future fees will be charged to this card. For example, if you publish three job offers using three different credit cards, your last credit card will be charged with all future costs for the job offers.

You will receive an email confirming your payment on LinkedIn. You can also print your billing history on the Settings page.

If you’re just starting out, learn more about job posting options on LinkedIn.

If you want to publish an ad for free, you can write a post with information about recruitment or a post with an external link. However, they will not work like a job ad with classic linkedIna thinking



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