Squirrels can most often be found in parks, forests or nearby squares. They gladly eat treats at the hands of man. However, in order not to harm squirrels, it is worth knowing what to feed them best. What can squirrels eat? Can squirrels eat pistachios?

Squirrel diet

Squirrels may not be among the most popular pets, but there are people who breed these animals with great passion at home or in the garden. Taming the squirrel is the most difficult thing, but it is no less a challenge to compose a proper diet for it. What do squirrels eat? Is their menu based solely on nuts – or is it just a stereotype? How to feed Siberian squirrels, or burunduki?

There are several varieties of squirrels in the environment, but for generalization we will divide them into two groups – wild squirrels and domestic squirrels, i.e. Siberian squirrels. The diet of both is very similar, but it differs in that in the wild environment squirrels can compose a wholesome diet themselves, and in the case of domestic squirrels, everything depends on their owner.

As with all farm animals, a proper diet is the key to maintaining your pet’s good health and has a direct impact on his or her well-being and appearance. In addition to hygiene and adequate space, this is a factor that cannot be ignored by any farmer. So let’s get acquainted with the basic principles of composing a squirrel diet and approach this task responsibly.

So what is part of the squirrel’s diet basis? Above all seeds. Pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds or even sesame are a source of protein and unsaturated acids, including oils that are valuable for health.

Can squirrels eat pistachios?

What do young squirrels eat?

Young squirrels are very tender. Their proper care and proper food are important. Up to the age of six weeks, small squirrels can only consume concentrated milk, e.g. goat’s milk. It’s best to give them warm with a small syringe. Small rodents should be fed thoroughly but not overfed. When we notice that the squirrel no longer wants to suck, we can gradually begin to give it apples, carrots, hazelnuts and walnuts

What do adult squirrels eat?

Adult squirrels mainly eat pine shoots and pine cones. However, they also like walnuts, hazelnuts and carrots. We must remember not to give rodents artificial products such as chips, nuts in chocolate coatings or other sweet snacks, which we often eat. Squirrels are not used to this type of product. By ingesting them, they can damage their delicate digestive tracts. In addition, when we get used to receiving ready food, they will learn to look for and obtain food themselves. Therefore, we can feed them, but sporadically and from a suitable distance, to help them survive the most difficult season of the year, which is winter. Thanks to this, they will be able to function properly in a natural environment.

Can squirrels eat pistachios?

White pistachios are neutral for squirrels and, according to various sources, squirrels can eat them freely. It is important, however, not to give them red pistachios.


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