Why Some People Fall Asleep Faster While Others Can’t

Falling asleep is a challenge for many. The faster you manage to do it, the more rest you’re going to get. If, on the contrary, you spend hours ruminating in the dark, with your eyes closed, you have good chances to wake up tired. Here’s why some people fall asleep faster than others and how you can do it, too.

First of all, you should know that watching TV or starting into computer screens before bed time may prevent you from falling asleep. Ideally, you should spend your last two hours before bed doing something else. Reading or meditating are much better options than watching movies or spending time on social media. Apparently, people who don’t have a TV set in their bedroom fall asleep faster.

Physical activity before bed time appears to also have an influence on your ability to fall asleep faster. If you exercise in the evening, your body will find it difficult to relax, as you’ll still have a lot of energy to make use of. If you want to fall asleep faster, avoid exhausting workouts at least three hours before going to bed.

The temperature in the bedroom may also contribute to helping some people fall asleep as soon as they switch of the lights and close their eyes. Ideally, you should avoid sleeping in high temperature environments. Colder air promotes sleeping. If you suffer from sleep troubles, you should try to lower a bit the temperature in your bedroom.

Your diet may also influence your sleeping habits. Avoid large meals during the second half of the day. Have your dinner at least three or four hours before going to sleep. Limit your alcohol consumption and don’t drink coffee after 3pm.

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Lazy weekend mornings may also prevent you from falling asleep as quickly as you’d like to. When you spend your weekend mornings sleeping in, you mess us with your internal body clock or circadian rhythm. This is just like switching time zones. If you want a better quality of sleep, you should try to wake up and to go to bed at the same hour throughout the whole week. Most people who don’t have problems with falling asleep stick to a relatively strict sleeping schedule.

All these factors are under your control, but what about those ones you can do nothing about? Apparently some of us are born with an overactive brain. If you are one of them, you’ll find yourself ruminating millions of thoughts instead of falling asleep at night. Apparently this situation is more common in introverts, who have a tendency to plan, schedule and analyze various life events over and over again. Since these persons find it difficult to shut off their brain, they may spend even two hours in bed without managing to fall asleep.

Apparently, learning some meditation techniques can help you silence your mind and relax. Meditation can help you avoid focusing on those problems or challenges in your life that prevent you from falling sleep at night.