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BY: Arthur Goldberg.

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JONAH, Jews Offering New Alternatives for Healing, is a non-profit international organization dedicated to educating the world-wide Jewish community about the social, cultural and emotional factors which lead to same-sex attractions. JONAH works with those struggling with unwanted same-sex sexual attractions (SSA) and with families whose loved ones are involved in homosexuality...read full mission statement   


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December 2014
David shared with us...

I understand "jealousy" to relate to the feeling of inadequacy that many of us with SSA feel towards some other men, that "they" have something that I don't, some sort of secret masculinity or power that I deeply desire. So my prayer is that I not feel that desire towards any man, and that no other man should feel that towards me. That I should know deeply that I am a full and complete member of the brotherhood of men, and that any masculinity I see "out there" is also "in here."

November 2014
Roger shared with us...

One of the things I rarely talk about is that my same-sex attraction (SSA) was a direct result of my childhood sexual abuse . Having been sexualized by a male, and by my father, I became curious about others of my own sex at a very early age. Now most boys are curious about other boys at some point and that is normal. All boys wonder if they are the same as others; do I look the same, does ‘it’ work the same, etc. Nothing strange or gay about that and all little boys gravitate to their own sex in play and for friendships just like girls. I have seen little 4 and 5 years old boys holding hands and even kissing each other and it is cute, innocent and harmless. Left alone they grow out of it and can become best friends, which is a great thing....

In 2007, JONAH established a separate division, The Jonah Institute for  Gender Affirmation, to provide research and clinical strategies for growth out of homosexuality.  Jews are obligated to reach out and serve the entire community under the principle of tikkum olam (working together with G-d to heal and perfect the world); simultaneously we are commanded to avoid proselytizing while offering such help. In this respect, both JONAH and the new Institute differ from most other faith-based ministries because we assist non-Jewish individuals and families in a manner which will not threaten their personal religious or secular beliefs.

As a non-profit organization, JONAH strives to help others through the generosity of its supporters, officers and members.